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I'm  continuing work on my mixed media pieces and working on a screenplay relating to art & music.  A new series developing combines both entitled "Reconstructed Soundscapes".  I am interested in the overlap of disciplines like art, music, writing. Synesthesia interests me.  What if what you see isn't what everyone else is seeing?


 My mixed media wall pieces are included in the collections of various hotels, restaurants, offices and individuals.


"Ode to Prague", 5' x 5' x 3

"Argyle", 60" x 60" x 3"

Shown in Designers West magazine were some of my photo silkscreened images for textiles through Cathy Bartels / Popcycle Sticks (currently listed in "Interior Design  Buyers Guide"). Continuing my textile interest, I have worked as a textile colorist / designer.  Now I'm in Interior Design magazine with new product, my Leopard Cube Table through C STUDIO • Cathy Bartels • Laguna Beach. 

See my Leopard Cube Table in Interior Design Magazine New Products 2012


IN THE NEWS:  LAGUNA BEACH MAGAZINE  March 2015 Issue  PAGE 54--  See below:

Photos by Jody Tiongco

LAGUNA BEACH MAGAZINE March 2015 Issue Page 54

 photo CathyBartelsLettheMusicStart.jpg

Let the Music Start (Soundscape in Blue)  This is from my screenplay series which tells the story of a girl weaving through the contemporary art and music worlds involving a convoluted game.


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Feature screenplay, drama,109 pps.
Received Good Coverage, Bigel/ Mailer Films, New York, NY.
 Art Auction Committee & former co-chair, Laguna Art Musem.

Textile Designer / Colorist, Hoffman California/ International Fabrics.

Instructor of Art, Laguna College of Art + Design (formerly the Art Institute of Southern California).

Instructor of Art, Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA.

Instructor of Design, Interior Designers' Guild & Institute of Applied Design, Newport Beach, CA.

"Cathy Bartels / Popcycle Sticks", Textile Design, Laguna Beach, CA.

Research for book, Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, CA.

Instructor, Newport Harbor Art Musem (now Orange County Museum of Art), Children's Creative Art Workshop
My art pieces are in the Museum of Modern Art slide library.
(Artists Space donated hard copies from the Irving Sandler Artists File Online) 


Saatchi Gallery Online, London, U.K.

Artist Space, 38 Greene Street, New York, NY,

Spec-Simple,Inc, listed, "Cathy Bartels/ Popcycle Sticks".

The Orange County Register, Visual Arts Section, "The Unspoken Word for 'Novel Ideas' is Imagination", November 16, 1990.

The Orange County Register, Laguna News-Post, "Cathy Bartels Exhibits at 5' ", May, 2004.

Interior Design / Buyer's Guide, listed.

The Designer Specifier, listed.

Designers West, Showcase Section, "Silkscreened Fabric & Matching Screened Tile", photo, April, 1981.


Sheraton Newport Hotel, Newport Beach, CA

Offices of McKenna, Conner & Cuneo, Attorneys at Law, Costa Mesa, CA

Copa de Oro Restaurnat, Costa Mesa, CA

Leesfield & Blackburn, Attorneys at Law, Corp Offices, Miami, FL

D. Richardson, Bel Air, CA, Freidenrich Contemporary Art

Bibe Stockman, Johanna & Gene Felder, Michael Reardon, Paul Barnard, Tom Swimm, Mark Orgill of Laguna Beach, CA

Pamela & Jack Bolen, New York, NY

John Carrington, Newport Beach, CA

Barbara & Jerry Burchfield, Irvine, CA

Karen & Michael Kang, Auston, TX

Susan & Michael Huhndorf, Santa Ana, CA

Mark Orgill & Dora Wexler, 7 Degrees, Laguna Beach, CA,

Dr. Eric Speare, Dana Point, CA.

Arianna & Horst Noppenberger A.I.A., Laguna Beach, CA

Charles Hamlin, MD, Denver, CO.

Pat & Bill Hancock, Laguna Beach, CA


Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA, "energy" curated by Howard N Fox, curator emeritus of Contemporary Art, LACMA, August-Sept, 2011, catalog.

5', Laguna Beach, CA, 2010, 2007, 2004.

Carl Broderick Gallery, Laguna Playhouse, Screenplay Series, one person show, 2007.

BC Space, Laguna Beach, CA, 2003.

Feast on Art, Laguna Art Museum, 1996, mixed media wall piece.

First Annual Hairball & Fiber Art Show, 1995.

Feast on Art, Laguna Art Museum, 1994.

1993 Los Angeles Juried Exhibition, Textiles / Fiber, juried show.

All Media, 1983, Laguna Art Museum, juried show.

Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach, CA, 1981-1986.

Exhibition of Contemporary Art & Photography, Forma - Planning & Design, Newport Beach, CA.

Faculty Exhibit, Institute of Applied Design, Newport Beach, CA.

Faculty Exhibit, Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA.

Process in Progress / Progress in Process, Mills House Art Gallery, Garden Grove, CA.


F.I.T., New York, NY.

California State University, Fullerton, Graduate Studies, Art.

California State University, Long Beach, BA, Art.

The Business of Art & the Artist, National Endowment for the Arts project.

University of California, Irvine. Attended screenwriting intro sessions.

Community College Instructor Lifetime Credential, State of California:  1.  Fine & Applied Arts & Related Technologies.  2.  Art & Design, inclluding Photography, Textiles, (non-silver photo techniques incl. photo silk screening)  3.  Textile Services & Related Technologies.


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